Tree Surgery and Tree Felling in Maidenhead
Does Your Tree Need Professional Care?

When a tree becomes overgrown, you may wonder how best to proceed. Should you call a tree surgery team to cut it down or just remove the decaying branches? If you live around Maidenhead and need professional advice, then our tree surgeons can help. With a range of professional tree services available, we do everything from directional tree felling to stump grinding, grounds maintenance and more.

Our options include:

  • Tree Removal

  • Stump Removal

  • Tree Clearances

  • Tree Pruning

  • And More from Qualified Arborists…

Our tree surgery experts will assess your tree to make a proper diagnosis. Rest assured that our NPTC-qualified tree surgeons work with professional care – whether you need crown thinning, tree felling or stump grinding in Maidenhead and the surrounding areas.

Below, we look at the common issues that a reliable tree surgeon can solve. To learn more about our tree services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It Suffers From Disease

A tree can become diseased, just like a person. This can cause bark problems, leaf discolouration, decaying branches and even death. Thankfully, disease doesn’t always result in tree felling and subsequent stump grinding. Our tree surgery team can carry out tree pruning for the long-term health of the tree, removing dead branches as necessary for healthy growth.

If we notice severe damage to the trunk or a poor condition overall, our tree surgeons may suggest tree felling as the most suitable option. We conduct tree removals, stump removals and other tree services that comply with preservation orders as needed, ensuring trees in Maidenhead receive the very best of care.

It’s Too Close to Your Home

Is your tree blocking out light to the area? Beyond visual issues, tall trees might begin to reach powerlines, especially when the winds pick up. This is where a trained arborist with a passion for tree surgery comes in to play. We can carry out a crown reduction to make the tree more manageable, or thin the crown to lessen the overall weight. Tree felling always makes for a brighter environment and takes the form of directional felling or sectional dismantling.

Our arborists always take the best course of action and provide a range of tree services to the Maidenhead area, such as stump grinding and tree clearances for a reusable garden space.

It’s Growing Hazardous

The last thing you need is for a strong gust of wind to bring the tree down on a neighbouring home. For this reason, you must call for tree surgery when a tree grows too tall. Our tree surgeons perform tree assessments to decide on the best course of action and impart friendly advice for your peace of mind. As arborists with a reputation in and around Maidenhead, we always consider the needs of the natural environment – with directional tree felling only when safe to do so.

A decaying tree might also drop its branches, posing a threat to the public nearby. We offer a range of tree services to make the environment safe again, including dead wooding, crown thinning and reductions.

Stump grinding can also remove the tripping hazard after tree felling takes place. Great for a more spacious garden, we can remove trees, grind stumps and maintain healthy growth across Maidenhead as part of a customer-focused tree surgery service.

Please speak with one of our tree surgeons on 0118 9306700 for professional tree care. We perform tree felling, tree surgery and more in the Maidenhead area.